Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are answers to frequently asked questions on this platform

Farmcontinent is an online platform for agriculture.

Farmcontinent makes it possible for anyone who loves agriculture but cannot farm to invest their money and make profit at the end of the project. It is also a platform where agricultural products and agricultural equipment are sold. Skills and information are also shared on this platform for people who are interested in farming.

You can invest in as many project as you can.

You will get paid all the money you invested, plus the specified interest for that project.

You will get paid at the end of the project that you invested in.

You can chat with us on whatsapp, facebook, instagram etc. We are always available. You can also call our hotlines. You can send us emails too. For more information on how to reach us, visit our contact page.

Because you will earn good interest on your money rather than keeping it in the bank. You will also be ensuring food security for the world at large.

You can invest with us by clicking on the project you would like to invest in and paying for that project with your debit/credit card, or through bank transfer, or by paying into our bank account. You will be guided once you click on the project you want. You can also call our hotlines for guidance.

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